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Relay Challenge Time

** Update: As of October 25th, Chaucer's time is 5th best in the world! **

28 Chaucer children took part in the 5000m World Relay Challenge on the racing track at Rutland yesterday.

With the principle target being to beat our school's 2014 time (16m 33s), the exuberant team raced out of the blocks on the first attempt and demolished our record from last year by posting an outstanding time of 15m 45s! The 48 seconds difference between the times means that if the runs could be shown head to head, yesterday's run would have won by more than half a lap!

After a brief dodgeball interlude, some substitutions and swaps to the running order, the children made a 2nd attempt. This time they registered 16m 28s, which was significantly slower...but still faster than our best time in 2014. Understandably, the runners were a little fatigued going into the 3rd and final try. This time they ran the 5000m in 16m 57s.

Considering how strongly Chaucer's athletics teams performed last year in Sportshall, Quad Kids and District Sports, this latest development is a great cause for continued optimism. All the children put in amazing efforts and were suitably rewarded with an avalanche of House Points proportionate to their athletic ability.

Many thanks to Mrs Proctor, Mrs Wheatley and Mrs Shaw for their help.

~ Mr Woodcock

For more photos please click here.

Full squad; Morgan Wilson, Joel Searcy, Lewis Brown, Archie Smith, George Levers, Noah Smedley, Declan Mycroft, Leo Hallam, Ryan Grindle, Harley Higgins, Jonathan Brain, Cai Murden, Ayman Walker, Joshua Bird, Ashton Anderson, Matej Zubor, McKenzie Morley-Walker, Daniel Ward, Harrison Hazard, Jack Mercer, Carmen Jackson, Lucy-May Stevenson, Levi Whitehead, Danae Matthew, Charlotte Nuttall, Chloe Proctor, Ruby Saunders & Emily Meer.

** Update: As of October 25th, Chaucer's time is 5th best in the world! **

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