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Sportshall: Confirmed Results

The team were inside the top 3 in sixteen of the events!

As promised, here are the confirmed placings from the Sportshall Athletics Derbyshire County Finals last month at Derby University, where the team picked up Bronze medals. (Each ranking is out of the 10 large schools that took part.)

Girls' Events:

  • Obstacle Relay = 2nd (Lucy-May, Bethany F, Aaliyah R, Levi)
  • 1+1 Lap Relay = 2nd (Lucy-May, Danae)
  • 2+2 Lap Relay = 3rd (Charlotte, Levi)
  • 6 Lap Paarlauf = 5th (Danae, Charlotte)
  • Over Under Relay = 3rd (Bethany F, Carmen, Chloe, Daisy)
  • 4x1 Lap Relay = 5th (Daisy, Carmen, Isabelle, Chloe)
  • Chest Push = 2nd (Bethanie G [6.25m], Aaliyah P [7m], Madison [5.75m])
  • St Long Jump = 3rd (Amelia [1.88m], Charlotte [1.68m], Levi [1.76m])
  • St Triple Jump = 2nd (Levi [4.98m], Lucy-May [5.12m], Amelia [5.34m])
  • Vertical Jump = 5th (Aaliyah P [39cm], Chloe [36cm], Charlotte [38cm])
  • Speed Bounce = 2nd (Lucy-May [57], Bethany F [47], Aaliyah R [53])
  • Javelin = 2nd (Madison [15m], Sidonie [11m], Bethany F [14m])

Boys' Events:

  • Obstacle Relay = 1st (Morgan, Ashton, Leo, Joel)
  • 1+1 Lap Relay = 5th (Harry, George)
  • 2+2 Lap Relay = 9th (Archie, Joel)
  • 6 Lap Paarlauf = 9th (Declan, Archie)
  • Over Under Relay = 3rd (Morgan, Denver, Harrison, Leo)
  • 4x1 Lap Relay = 7th (Harrison, Harry, George, Cai)
  • Chest Push = 3rd (Declan [6.25m], Ethlan [6.5m], Denver [7.25m])
  • St Long Jump = 5th (Cai [1.94m], Morgan [1.9m], Lewis [1.76m])
  • St Triple Jump = 3rd (Ashton [5.26m], Joel [5.36m], Cai [5.4m])
  • Vertical Jump = 3rd (Lewis [41cm], Ashton [48cm], Kain [38cm])
  • Speed Bounce = 3rd (Morgan [52], Joel [54], Harry [47])
  • Javelin = 1st (Denver [16m], Ethlan [17m], Billy [17m])

As you can see, the team performed consistently well across the board and was only outside the top 5 in three of the 24 events. They were inside the top 3 in sixteen of the events!

Overall, the girls contributed slightly more points than the boys towards the teams total (336 v 304) but both the boys and girls squads ranked 3rd out of the 10 schools, so there was a good balance.

Special mentions for these terrific individual efforts...

  • Aaliyah Proctor, who did the 3rd best girls' Chest Push out of everyone.
  • Denver Toplis, who performed the 2nd best boys' Chest Push.
  • Lucy-May Stevenson, who was 2nd best overall in girls' Speed Bounce. (Aaliyah Rezeg was joint-3rd).
  • Joel Searcy, who scored the joint-highest in boys' Speed Bounce.
  • Amelia Faulks, who was the joint-2nd best girls' Long Jumper...and the 2nd best girls' Triple Jumper.
  • Ashton Anderson, who had the joint-highest boy's Vertical Jump.
  • Billy Parry and Ethlan Vincent, who did the joint-2nd furthest boys' Javelin throws.
  • Madison White, who was joint-3rd best in girls' Javelin.


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