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  • 04/06/15

    Make your own graffiti tag

    A link to a website we used to make our own graffiti tag.
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  • 01/06/15

    New Term= New Theme

     Another exciting term planned. Lots of activities inked to our new theme URBN PIONEERS.
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  • 04/05/15

    Who was James Lind?

    The children were asked to find out who James Lind was and explain his connection to citrus fruits.
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  • 24/04/15

    3S make smoothies!

    As a finale to our 'instructions' unit in Literacy, we made fruit smoothies!
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  • 13/04/15

    Summer Homework Grid

     Last term we saw some fantastic projects across year 3. Lets see if this term is even better.
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  • 08/03/15

    The Twits - A Frog's Tale

    Funny videos telling the Frog's story
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  • 19/02/15

    Homework Grid Spring 2

    HOMEWORK GRID SPRING 2 “Natural Disasters”
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  • 04/02/15

    OIEA Festival

    A great sports festival for Year 3 organised by Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy Sports Department
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  • 03/02/15


    A website that shows animated calligrams.
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  • 16/01/15

    Our Volcanoes...

    A link to the website album containing our volcano pictures, plus a video of one of them exploding!
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  • 16/01/15

    Mental addition and subtraction game

    Here is a link to a game we have played in class to practise our mental adding and subtracting.
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