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3T/M Class Blog

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  • 19/07/15

    Year 3 Sports Festival

    On Tuesday 14th July, Year 3 went to Rutland Sports Hall to take part in a sports festival led by the Year 10's from Ormiston Academy.
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  • 11/07/15

    Sporting Heroes!

    During sports week, we have been researching our favourite sporting heroes.
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  • 03/07/15

    Cadbury World Visit

    We had a great time at Cadbury World last Tuesday! Check out the link in the main blog post to see what we got up to. 
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  • 27/06/15

    Punctuation practise

    We could do with some work on our punctuation, so we'll be working on this next week.
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  • 26/06/15

    Making Sundials!

    In Science this week, we have been looking at 'light and shadows'. Last Tuesday we investigated shadows and made our own sundials to find out how shadows can be used to tell the time.
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  • 18/06/15

    Mental Maths

    We had our mental maths test on Tuesday and I think we could do with practising our rapid recall of number facts. Use the games from the main website link, in order to brush up on your skills!
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  • 11/06/15

    Let there be light!

    Our focus in Science at the moment is light. Why not try out a few of the games using the given website links!
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  • 01/06/15

    New Term= New Theme

     It's our final term but what a term it is going to be. An exciting new topic with lots of exciting learning taking place.
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  • 19/05/15

    Target practise

    Practise your column addition and subtraction skills using the website links!
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  • 08/05/15


    We are working on fractions in Numeracy at the moment! Why not have a go at some of the online fraction activities listed to help improve your fraction knowledge!
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  • 04/05/15

    Who was James Lind?

    The children were asked to find out who James Lind was and explain his connection to citrus fruits.
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  • 24/04/15

    Food Glorious Food!

    Do you know what makes a healthy balanced meal? Why not try out these fun games and activities to find out!
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