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Lea Green

What a lovely, sunny day to visit the Derbyshire outdoor education centre of Lea Green

What a lovely sunny day to be sat in the Derbyshire outdoor education centre of Lea Green. All of the Year 4 children were full of enthusiasm for all the different activities that was planned. They all had smiles on their faces, and worked so well as a team encouraging each other.

Firstly some of us went off to find 'The Cave' which was full of climbing walls. Concentration was needed in here to stay on the walls

When our time was up in here, it was Go Karts next. Our instructor Dean explained some safety rules, we then got kitted out with our helmets and it was time for the off!

We had lots of fun doing a few circuits of the track

Our next activity needed co-ordination. It was Orienteering, led by Miss Oldnall. Firstly we were given a GPS Tracker, and then given various locations we had to go and find. On finding each location we had to write down what the clue said, and on completion of all the clues should have been able to complete a story sheet. Everyone tried really hard and did their best to complete their stories. Great job everyone!

After we had packed away all the trackers, it was time to go and find the 'Obstacle Course'

This is a very big and exciting course, so we knew we were going to have lots of fun. But one thing this course required was teamwork. Everyone had to work in pairs to get around the course safely, and again everyone did just that. Well done!

The final game outside was called 'Mad Chef', and the children loved it!

The idea of the game is that all the members of staff hide, and the children have to find them. Yes, a bit like hide and seek but each staff member is a different item of food. The children have a piece of paper with a list of food items on it, and they have to try and find them all. One member of staff though is the Mad Chef, and they can start deleting items already found. It is a really fun game, and great exercise too

It was nearly time to head home, but before that the staff at Lea Green had one final game for us to play indoors

So much fun with this game. Again, teamwork was needed. This time the children were in two teams, and had to get the giant ball from one end of the line and back again. The last game had people (including the staff) lying on their backs with the ball, gently being rolled from one end of the line to the other. Great fun!

It was an amazing day!

It was time to get back on the bus to school

We thought the children would be tired out on the journey home, but they still had time for a song or two.

Here are some of the children's thoughts:

Ayman: "Rock climbing in 'The Cave' was amazing. A great day!"

Victoria: "The Go Cart buggies were superb, even Mrs Wheatley had a go"

Sam: "I really enjoyed the obstacle course, climbing through the tyres"

Archie: "Lea Green was a really sporty day. The GPS trackers were great fun, having to run all over the grounds"

Rory: "Hunting for the 'Mad Chef' was so much fun - the best game of hide and seek ever!"


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