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  • 02/07/15

    Minecraft Mayhem

    On Thursday, Year 5 travelled to OEIA for a Minecraft Day!
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  • 15/06/15

    Another week in 5S

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  • 05/06/15


    This week we are looking at adding different prefix and suffix to words to change thir meaning.
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  • 03/06/15

    Thinking ahead - new project - ALLOTMENTS

    For those wanting to make a headstart - please find our new homework grid!
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  • 01/06/15

    Almost 'Pitch Perfect!'

    Today we started a new music project!
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  • 22/05/15

    Busy week...and RELAX!

    Another term ends, as we get ready for the final countdown. But what a busy week it has been.
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  • 08/05/15

    Ride Poems

    Year 5 have been busy this week, writing fabulous poems!
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  • 06/05/15

    New residents in 5S

    We have some new residents in 5S!
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  • 29/04/15

    Year 5 go to Alton Towers

    Year 5 have an amazing time at Alton Towers.
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  • 27/04/15

    Busy Bees

    Today the whole year group was invited to The Bee Shed in Shipley
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