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  • 15/06/15

    Post-SATs Excitement!

    It's officially been a month since we did our SATs - hear about some of the exciting things we're doing now!
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  • 27/05/15

    Unidentified object found on school field

    Alien, aeroplane, car, hoax?
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  • 18/05/15


    Head over to 6H's blog to see photos & video from Rollerworld.
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  • 28/04/15

    Sports Festival

    Head over to 6H's blog to see photos of us in action!!
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  • 12/04/15

    Back to Business!

    I hope that you have all enjoyed your fortnight of relaxation - time to get back to work!
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  • 10/03/15

    Y6 AMAZING enterprise!

    Y6 are doing a pub style quiz on the Friday the 20th of March for theer enterprise.
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  • 09/03/15

    Book Week, Bits and Bobs!

    6S have been extremley busy for the past few weeks; it's been great but it's not all fun and games...
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  • 18/01/15

    Time Flies when you're Having Fun!

    Nearly half where through the year - where has it gone?!
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  • 18/12/14

    Year 6 Art Sale

    Art sale in support of Macmillan Cancer Support.
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