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Time Flies when you're Having Fun!

Nearly half where through the year - where has it gone?!

2 weeks into the new term already and 6S are rising to the challenge!

Firstly, as a result of our hard work and drive to do good deeds, we have been rewarded with a trip to Frankie & Benny's to make pizzas & non-alcoholic cocktails! We have this to look forward to after half term and parents helpers will be appreciated! Details will follow.

Secondly, this week, we started to write our biographies about Miss Smith - everybody found this funny because she told us lots of silly stories about herself (such as falling in a river, vandalising kitchen appliances and torturing her little brother) and gave us photos of her as a child to laugh at!

Finally, the countdown to our next assessment week begins! 2 weeks and then the whole process begins again - it's a good thing Year 6 are hard working and ready for action!

See you all on Monday!

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