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Planting At The Cenotaph

Before the Cenotaph is unveiled after it's renovation, Chaucer was asked to do the planting around it

The Cenotaph has been covered up for renovation, in preparation of the remembrance services due to happen to commemorate the one hundred years since the outbreak of World War 1. Richard Windsor who heads the town's Pride In Erewash campaign asked me if some of the school's gardening club would be interested in helping plant up the areas around the Cenotaph. I said it would be a honour for our school to be involved in such a special project. We planted red Geraniums and silver Cinneria, the children did an excellent job with lots and lots of plants! The passers by on the market place was saying what a wonderful job they were doing, which was nice. I think it is important for children to remember the importance of remembrance and the sacrifice those brave people gave all those years ago for us to enjoy freedom!

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