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Topsy Turvy Tomatoes

Making little hanging baskets for Tomatoes out of recycled pop bottles

Got this idea from the Blue Peter 'Skinny Jean Gardeners'. It's a cheap way of making a hanging basket, and also a fun way of watching your Tomatoes grow

Firstly, cut off the bottom of an old pop bottle (Get an adult to help with this)

Secondly, hole punch two holes at the open end of the bottle, ready to place your twine in to hang the basket. Get a sheet of A4 paper and fold it in half. Hold your Tomato plant carefully upside down, and wrap the paper around the soil to hold it in place. Push the plant through the bottle gently, and poke the leaves through the bottle top end

Next carefully place some compost in to fill the bottle, leaving enough space to water it. Then, get someone to hold the bottle firmly for you, while you tie some twine through the holes you made ready to hang

And there you have it, Topsy Turvy Tomatoes

Don't forget to keep them watered!


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