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Some Of Our Garden Crops

Our fruit and vegetables are doing really well now

We will soon be picking some of our delicious crops that we have grown over the past few months. Here are a few of them:

'Black Tomatoes' are a brand new one this year. Very interested to see how they taste, and what they look like inside too

'Katy' Apples


Another new one we have grown this year is Cucumbers, they are still little but we're very proud of them!

When Rob Smith (Winner of BBC 2's Big Allotment Challenge 2015) came to visit us in June, he bought us a gift of 'Asparagus Peas'. These are very novel, in that they produce square pea pods. At the moment they are doing well, thank you Rob!

When we harvest the crops I will add the photos,   Mrs Wheatley


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