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Growing Trials For RHS Chelsea 2016

Growing trials have started for RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016

It doesn't seem that long ago since we were presented with our RHS Silver Gilt, as part of Miracle Growers from this year's show, and we have started again.

This year again we have the help and support of West Park Nurseries and Erewash Borough Council, which is wonderful and we are very grateful for.

So far we have two experiments that the 'Miracle Growers Academy' sponsored by Miracle Gro would like us to investigate:


1. Carrot Growing Experiment

Is Peat Free compost better than soil?

2. Cabbage Growing Experiment

Do modern feeds make a difference to cabbage crops?


We have started our growing this week, and will keep an eye on our crops over the next few weeks. I will keep you posted on their progress

The carrots will be grown in three different composts:

Some will be grown in Miracle Gro Peat Free Compost bags, some will be grown in Miracle Gro Root Boosting compost bags, and the others in plain garden soil. We will thin the seeds out in a few weeks time, and then leave them until next April (apart from watering them) when we will take them out the bags to see which have grown the best. We will pull them out the bags, wash them and then measure them, recording the data for our experiment. Then the best bit, we get to eat them, after taking photos of course!

The cabbages will also be grown in three different growing soils:

Some will be grown on in plain garden soil, some will be grown on in plain garden soil added with Miracle Gro Growmore. The others will be grown on in plain garden soil with Miracle Gro Continuous Release Plant Food. They will all be grown in pots. We will transplant the seedlings in a few weeks time into individual pots, keep them watered, and leave them to grow until next April. We will then weigh each cabbage to again see which has grown the best and record our results.

Fingers crossed over the next few months!

For more photos please click here.

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