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Filming Day

We had lots of fun being filmed for the 'Grow Your Own Potatoes' Competition

We were very excited when we were told that Chaucer Juniors were going to be filmed by the Potato Council for the 'Grow Your Own Potatoes' Competition 2016. I invited Rob Smith back, who won the BBC's Big Allotment Challenge last year. He helped us with our planting, and we were very grateful to him for coming to visit us again

Each class planted a bag of potatoes, so we can also have an inter school competition too. We will look after the bags until June 14th, when it will then be time to harvest and weigh them

When we had finished planting the potatoes the children then spoke about what they like about gardening in our club whilst being filmed

We then went indoors where we started the 'Beneath The Soil' project. This is a great way to watch how a potato grows in a plastic bottle. The children will give it a little water twice a week and record what happens

We will keep you updated on our progress

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