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Peas And Beans

Year 3 have started to fill their raised bed

Year 3 will be growing peas, broad beans and climbing beans in their raised bed. We have some different varieties that we are trying this year. They were very kindly given to us by Rob Smith who won BBC's Big Allotment Challenge. They are: Commander Peas and Blue Climbing Beans. Both are 'Heritage Seed' types. Which means they are not as commonly used as other types of the vegetables seeds, so very excited to be trying them

We will also be trying 'Blauschokker' purple podded peas. These are from Rob's seed range, which are sold by Dobies

We have also had a go at sowing some broad beans in toilet rolls instead of pots. The rolls will vanish in time once planted, plus recycling is great for the environment

We hope we get lots of lovely peas and beans from these plants. But, whatever the outcome, the main thing in our 'Gardening Club' is having lots of fun and enjoyment growing our own!

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