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Rachel Carter's Butterfly

We visited the butterfly that Rachel has made for the Baby Memorial Garden at Markeaton Crematorium

Rachel started making the butterfly back in January.Trowell Garden Centre very kindly let her make it in the Digg Cafe. I took a group of children to watch Rachel whilst she was weaving it using a crochet stitch. She invited each child to have a go at the weaving, so their contribution is on the finished butterfly.I promised the children that when it was finished I would take them to see it in its new home. It has been made for the Derby Sands Charity, and it has been placed in the Baby Memorial Garden at Markeaton Crematorium, which was also designed by Rachel Carter. Rachel also made a weaved cacoon, which was placed in the garden on it's opening in 2014. The cacoon is now full of petals which have the names of babies that have died in the Derby area.The butterfly will provide space for more name tags to be placed upon it, and where people can come to remember. It also provides a screen from the rest of the crematorium to make the garden more private

The butterfly looks beautiful in its new home, and the children are glad they have been to see it. I would like to thank Rachel for meeting us there and telling us all about the special Memorial Garden

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