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We have entered this competition for the past few years. It's also a great way to grow potatoes too.

This is a national competition which is organised by 'Potatoes For Schools'. The Grow Your Own competition starts in February and ends in June, that's when you have to harvest your potatoes. We are sent two special black bags in which to grow them in, and given two varieties to grow. We have a national variety called 'Rocket' and a regional variety called 'Luciole'. We plant each variety in a bag, and then take care of them over the next four months, watering and weeding them. When we have harvested them we have to weigh each variety, and count how many potatoes are in each bag. We then have to send in our results and they get compared with the rest of the country. The heaviest weight and most potatoes means you can win some great prizes. So please keep your fingers crossed for us! 

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