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Time to plant our potatoes for the Grow Your Own Potatoes competition.

For an explanation of the competition please look at previous blog.

We have entered this competition for the past few years, and we've grown lots of lovely spuds along the way. 

Before we planted our two types of potatoes we prepared our bottle experiment. This means planting one seed potato in each pop bottle, half filled with compost, and then covering it over. The idea is to watch it grow over the next few weeks, water it perhaps twice a week, and wait as the roots and potato grows. It is basically watching how a potato grows. We have had some amazing results with this also over the years.

After the bottles were sorted, we planted our potato bags up. We have six 'Rocket' potatoes in two bags, and six 'Luciole' potatoes in two more bags. We'll tend for them until the 12th June when it will be time to harvest and weigh them. Fingers crossed for a bumper crop! :)

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