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Tribal Tales project grid.

Our first Chaucer Junior School project to complete!!

We are really looking forward to seeing what you can produce for your first project in chaucer Junior School.  We are sure you are going to impress us and hope that you will 'Dare to be different' with your ideas!

Here is a copy of the grid.




          Use this grid to produce your amazing homework project. These are only ideas. You might decide to do something different. Towards October half term you will be asked to bring your project to school and share your great ideas with your class mates. Parents and carers can help but showcase your own skills.

WRITE you open prehistoric adventure story

DRAW your own pet or animal in the style of a prehistoric cave painting.

MAKE a photo montage of prehistoric images.

 ( Lots of photos)

FIND some useful websites and list them.

BAKE some rock cakes!

Use your local library to find out about Stone, Bronze and Iron Age in the local area.

Compare your life to that of a Stone Age boy or girl.


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