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Reindeer gifts for Enterprise

On Wednesday 3MB were busy making their Enterprise products.

It was like Santa's workshop in 3MB on Wednesday as we were all busy making our Enterprise products . We were making Reindeer hot chocolate cones and magical reindeer food.  We will sell our products on Friday December 16th at the Year 3 coffee afternoon.  We hope they sell well because all the proceeds will go to Nottingham and Derby children's hospitals.

We really enjoyed making the cones.  We had a production line going with each table involved in one process.  We had one table filling the cones, one sticking the noses and eyes on and one wrapping and adding labels.  We all moved round so that we had a go at every part!

There was also a table making magical reindeer food.  This special food will help the reindeer find our houses on Christmas Eve.  The glitter that we put in will guide the reindeer to our houses and the oats that we added will be food for the reindeer!!

Mr and Mrs Wheatley came to help us and we would like to say a big thank you, the extra pairs of hands made it so much easier!!!

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