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A quick note about homeworks and other things for the new pupils.

Welcome to Chaucer Junior School.

This is just a short note regarding homework and topic this term.

Project Homework


        Use this grid to produce your amazing homework project. These are only ideas. You might decide to do something different. Towards October half term you will be asked to bring your project to school and share your great ideas with your class mates. Parents and carers can help but try to showcase your own skills too.

WRITE an opening for a prehistoric adventure story

DRAW your own pet or animal in the style of a prehistoric cave painting.

MAKE a photo montage of prehistoric images.

 ( Lots of photos)

RESEARCH some information about the Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age. If you find any useful websites, you could list them.

BAKE some rock cakes!

Use your local library to find out about Stone, Bronze and Iron Age in the local area.

Compare your life to that of a Stone Age boy or girl.


Children are provided with a project book. Alternatively, they may decide to present their project in a different way. “DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!“

Weekly Homework

Given out on FRIDAY return following FRIDAY

Times Tables : Each children will work through their times tables in a specific order, which can be found in their organisers on the ‘times table record’ they have stuck in. They will be required to have a rapid recall of the facts (within 5 secs for each) before passing the table they are on. At the start of the year, children will also be given their own logon for ‘Times Tables Rock Stars, a game which they can play at home too, either on the website, or by downloading the app. Occasionally this will be set as homework too.

Spellings: Children will receive weekly spellings. These will be stuck in organisers and on a separate sheet too. These will vary in number. Each Friday the children will be tested and some mystery words given, following the same rule or pattern that they have already learnt. All results are recorded in organisers.


PE: Year 3 have PE on Thursday. Please can all children have their PE kits in ready for this time. Please ensure the uniform policy is also followed for PE kits (plain white t-shirts, etc).

Thank you Miss Richards and Mr Smith

Year 3 Teachers