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Home Learning Optional Extras

Some ideas for optional extras to keep your children busy throughout the week.

Y3 Home Learning – Additional Weekly Activities

This page is a selection of suggested EXTRA ideas you could/should be encouraging children to do at home across the whole week. Class teachers will still be setting activities each day for Maths, English, exercise and an afternoon task. Please do as much, or as little of these suggested extras as you wish. However, we recommend at least keeping up with TTRS and reading regularly.

Weekly Maths Activities

Weekly English Activities

Work on Times Table Rockstars using your individual login.

If you think you are ready to pass your current times table – ask your adult to video you answering the Qs (mixed up order) and send to your teacher on Seesaw. We can then move you up on TTRS.


Play on Hit the Button - focus on number bonds, halves, doubles and times tables


Practise telling the time. This could be done through this game


Read a story book. You could use EPIC to read something you’ve never read before.


Watch Newsround and discuss what is happening in the wider world.


Look in magazines, newspapers and books for new vocabulary that you are unfamiliar with. Find out their meaning and share sentences using the new words you have learnt.


Retrieve information from a non-fiction book and record the facts using a mind map.


Complete a book review. This could be written or recorded in a different way.



Weekly Spelling Activities

Weekly Writing Activities

Practise the Year 3/4 for Common Exception words

(Find these in your organiser) 


 Choose 5 Common Exception Words. Write synonyms, antonyms and their meanings.


 Choose 10 Common Exception Words and practise spelling them using any of the previously taught spelling activities in your book. Eg. pyramid spellings, rainbow words


 Create a range of sentences using the Common Exception Words you have been practising.

Write a recount of your day. This could be used in history one day in the future to show what happened during this period.


  Write a character description of a member of your family. What do they look like? How do they behave? Try including expanded noun phrases, similes and adverbs.


 Write a story involving your friends or family members. Do they have to defeat a monster? Or find something they have lost?


 Write a set of family rules…could they begin with ‘We always…..’ rather than ‘We do not ………’


  Write a letter/email/ text message to a member of your family that you have not seen this week.

P.E ( recommendation is 2hrs of exercise per week)

Teachers will continue to send out recommended exercise activities via Seesaw, but if you don’t fancy that particular one that day, choose another from this list:

  • Go Noodle (go to their website, or search on youtube) Try this by yourself or have a family workout. Fancy a dance? There are lots of dance videos they could try. Want something slower paced?
  • Maybe try some Yoga. Go to youtube and search for ‘Cosmic Kids Yoga.’ I personally like the Harry Potter themed one at
  • Mindfulness for kids – Fancy something a little slower paced today, or need something to help you or a family member to focus? Try going to youtube and searching ‘mindfulness for kids,’ or my preferred search: ‘body scan for kids.’ This one is a good, quick one that I would recommend: For this to be effective, don’t have the video where it can be watched. Children should sit comfortably with eyes closed.
  • Go out for a walk/bike ride. Use your daily exercise allowance to get out in the (hopefully!) sunshine!