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Home Learning- W.c. 18/05/20

Here is our next week of home learning...

Hello everyone, 

Just a quick note about the week ahead:

Home learning continues through our use of the Seesaw app. A typical day is outlined below, which continues from previous weeks.

Furthermore a ‘menu’ of ideas are on the Year 3 blog that are possibilities for additional activities, if you wish to do more than the daily activities set. You can find them on this previous post:


A Reminder of A Typical Day:

9am : Physical activity for body and mind (approx. 20-30mins). The post on Seesaw provides a choice of ideas so that you don’t have to just do Joe Wicks every day (unless, of course, you want to!)

9:30am : Maths - Mondays will be TTRS/Times tables-based. Tues-Thurs will be a video lesson recorded by Mr Smith that will go over prior learning in school. Fri will be a more ‘practical’ lesson wherever possible.

10:45am : English – Monday will be a comprehension and Friday will be a spelling lesson. We will also host a 'hive' game on Friday to test the previous week's spellings. The rest of the activities through the week will vary between reading, grammar,  and writing activities.

This week's afternoon tasks will be slightly different as we will be revealing a family project which you can work through at your own pace on Monday so watch this space.

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing and hearing from you.

Mr Smith, Miss Richards and the Y3 team.