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Welcome To Chaucer Juniors!

This post contains the welcome letter that was sent home during the first full week. It contains information about homeworks and other important things you need to know now that you've started at Chaucer Juniors.


Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to Chaucer Junior School. We look forward to working with you and your children after such an unusual time absent from school. In the letter below is some information about expectations and other things you need to be aware of in Year 3. For the first two weeks we are working through our ‘Rising Stronger’ curriculum so homeworks will start to be handed out in the third week.



Reading books are being given out to children this week - some already have them. Children are expected to read regularly at home. When they do read, could you please record and sign this in their organisers, along with how long they have read for. This is so we can tick your child off on their reading challenge (at the back of their organisers - teachers fill this in). Completing this allows children to earn bronze, silver and gold reading badges. Please still sign organisers for any reading, even if it’s not their school reading book.


Weekly Homework

There will be two homeworks given out each week, spelling and Maths. This is given out on Fridays, to be returned by the following Friday.

Spellings: Children will receive weekly spellings. These will be stuck in organisers and will appear on a separate homework sheet too. These will vary in number. Each Friday, the children will be tested and some mystery words given, following the same rule or pattern that they have already learnt. All results are recorded in organisers.

Maths: The maths homework will be based either on the learning that has taken place throughout the week, or a times tables-based one.


Project Homework

At the start of each term, a project homework grid is glued into organisers. This is not a compulsory homework, more an opportunity for parents and children to do things at home that relate to the topic being studied in school. You could do some, all or none of these ideas, as some children often have their own ideas of what they want to do.


Times Tables

Each child will work through their times tables in a specific order, which can be found in their organisers on the ‘times table record’ they have stuck in. They will be required to have a rapid recall of the facts (within 5 secs for each) before passing the times table they are on. Children also have their own logon for ‘Times Tables Rock Stars, a game which they can play at home too, either on the website, or by downloading the app. Occasionally this will be set as homework too. Login details can be found at the front of organisers in the passwords section.



Year 3 have PE on Mondays. Due to our new Covid-19 guidelines, children should come to school in PE kits on this day. Please ensure the uniform policy is also followed for PE kits (plain white t-shirts, NO EARRINGS/taped over earrings- etc).


Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Smith and Miss Richards

Year 3 Teachers