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Blog for WB 7.12.20

A member of Y3 has written a blog post about what's been going on in Y3 this week.

Well what a week this has been! It started out like any other week, on Monday and Tuesday we did some Maths, some English, some TTRS, Science and P.E.

All that changed on Wednesday! Christmas Party day had arrived! We all wore our Christmas jumpers and spent the whole morning doing crafts. We made 2 different party hats and painted wooden pegs into Christmas characters. I made mine into Santa and a snowman. Then came lunch time, Christmas dinner….Yum ( I chose not to have any sprouts as they are DISGUSTING!) we even had a choice of pudding, we could have Christmas pudding, Christmas trees or ice cream. After dinner we went outside to play some fun games then went back inside to eat candy canes. We finished the day off filming our Christmas song and watching Christmas Chronicles 2.

We had another fun day on Friday… We got to wear our Santa hats all day and did a Santa fun run round the playground. We had just 11 minutes (because it was raining a little) to run around the playground as many times as possible, I managed to go round 9 times! We got 3 house points each if we made it round 8 times or more so I’m glad I got 9 😊 I’m looking forward to seeing what next week brings.

Blog post written by Cali.