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Y4 Homework Choice Grid

Autumn Choice Grid 2016 year 4 for 'What lies beyond the Blue Abyss?'

Miss Oldnall, Mrs Smith and Mr Holling love looking at your homework projects and are always amazed at the work you complete. Choose 6 pieces of homework from the 9 choices below one of which must be the centre grid. Projects need to be handed in by Wednesday 19th October 2016.

Write a persuasive letter to Mrs Upton to see if you can persuade her to let year 4 go to splash landings at Alton Towers. Remember

Intro, Reason 1, Reason 2, Reason 3. Conclusion saying what you want.

Good LUCK!!

Do a fact file on  famous waterfalls around the world.

Design a water park and show all costs. You have £5,000,000 to spend. A swimming pool costs £150,000, a slide costs £100,000 , single rings  £50.00, double £75.00 Restaurant £250000, Toilet £100, Car park £10.00per space, Shop £165,000. lockers £15 per locker .Show all costs.

Design a water themed wordsearch. Using words like evaporation, rainfall, meander, waves etc..

Create a front cover, index, contents page and glossary for your project.

Write a fable about an animal that lives in the sea, a lake or a river. Make sure it has a moral at the end.

Paint a picture or take a photograph which shows reflection in water or ripples.

Write 20 mental maths questions based on the water theme. Include fractions, time, decimals, division, addition, money, multiplication, shape, weight, distance measures and capacity.

Design a poster

advertising a white water rafting trip down a wild river include description, cost, location and quotes from people who have done the trip.


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