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Year 4 were extremely happy when the RNLI came to visit

Today we had a special visit from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI). 

Our presenter, Andy Williams, took all of us outside to the stage area and showed us the special equipment that the RNLI have to wear when they are performing their lifesaving duties. 

Mr Holling had to see how quickly he could get changed compared to that of someone who works for the Lifeboat Instituation. 

He was close but not fast enough.

Luckily Andy had a lot of spare lifesaving kit with him so we all got to have a go, these included helmets lifejackets, waterproof clothes, lifeguard t-shirts and the RNLI flags

Once we had tried out the lifesaving equipment, we went back inside to Miss Oldnall's class. Andy told us all about the different lifesaving duties that the RNLI have to do,and taught us about all the different signs that we will see on the beach. We now know what to look for to see if its safe to go in the water or not. 

He showed us some brilliant but frightening videos about what the RNLI do.

Andy then revealed that he was a diving instructor and that he had dived down to the Great Barrier Reef. We were all excited as that is what we had looked at in our geography lessons.

Andy taught us some of the diver sign language that he has to do when he goes deepsea diving. His videos were brilliant to watch and gave us lots of ideas for our dilemma stories that we are writing. 

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