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Year 4 Choice Grid

Who were the warriors? Yr 4 choice grid

Miss Oldnall, Mrs Smith and Mr Holling love looking at your homework projects and are always amazed by the work you complete. Choose 6 pieces of homework from the 9 choices below one of which must be the centre grid. Projects need to be handed in by Friday 16th December 2016.

Look at a holiday brochure or on the internet about modern day Rome as a tourist attraction. Which attractions would you

 visit ?

What is the Weather like?

What is the Food like? What have you found out about the language?

Write a key to the Roman Numerals and write some sums or problems using Roman Numerals.

Create a multiple choice quiz on the Romans.

Design a Roman Shield.

Create a front cover and contents page.

Write a diary entry as if you were a Roman Soldier.

Look at a map of Roman Britain, look at the Roman names. Find out which were Roman towns and what are their modern names.

Design a game of snap cards featuring  pictures of things from the Roman times e.g colosseum, gladiators, gods.

Draw a Roman Goddess or God and write facts about them.


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