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Roadtrip USA Homework Project

Here is the homework project grid for this half term's theme Roadtrip USA

Please choose 4 tasks from the grid to form the basis of your homework project. Remember to use your project book!

We look forward to seeing this term's projects!

Mrs Smith, Mrs Watson & Miss Porter.

Year 4 Spring 2 choice grid Road Trip USA

Here are some ideas for your project this term. Do whatever you feel you have time to do, try to be creative and include detail.  We were amazed by your ‘Playlists’ projects, can you better them.  See if you can amaze Mrs Smith, Mrs Watson and Miss Porter with this project.



Design a new USA flag thinking about why the flag looks like it does




Can you Write a letter from Little Bull to his family back home about his adventures with Omri

Research Totem poles and explain what they were used for. Maybe design your own too



Create a holiday brochure for the USA with explanations of famous landmarks people could visit