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  • 05/12/19

    5HT's Witches spells

    As part of our Tudor topic, Off With Her Head, we have written spells that could have been said by the witches in Macbeth.
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  • 14/11/19

    Random Act of Kindness short films

    5HT have been planning, scripting and making short films about being kind to other people.
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  • 16/09/19

    Project Homework grid

    Here's a copy of the homework project grid that all Year 5s will have, stuck into their Personal Organiser.
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  • 16/09/19

    Hi. Welcome to a new school year

    A copy of our Welcome letter to parents
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  • 05/03/19

    Some Activities to do at home

    At parents evening we were asked for ideas of things that could be done at home...
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  • 25/01/19

    Spring 1 Homework Grid

    Here is your homework grid for the 1st half of the Spring term, Instructions are on the grid
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  • 21/11/18


    This blog is about what we have been doing in year 5 this week.
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  • 05/11/18

    Autumn 2 Homework Project Grid

    Here is your homework project grid to go with out topic of 'Off with her head', all bout the Tudors. There is also a copy of a letter explaining our expectations for homework.
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  • 06/09/18

    Autumn 1 Homework project

    Year 5's topic for this term is called 'Pharaohs' and is all about Ancient Egypt.
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  • 08/04/18

    A few photos from Science week

    Check out the gallery item for a few photos from Science Week.
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  • 02/03/18

    Star Gazer Project Supplement

    Some more suggested activities to add to the homework projects that we have already seen
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  • 28/02/18

    Y5 Look at the stars...

    Please enter an introduction for your blog post here.
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