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Summer 1 Project Grid

Click to see the project grid for the summer term. Homework projects are due in on Monday 5th June (1st week after 1/2 term holiday due to the short term).

Explore your home and the local area for machines, toys and other objects that use cams, gears and pulleys – take pictures of them/ make a list/ draw pictures.

Research online to find information about rollercoasters around the world. Collect information about the longest/fastest/highest…

Build your own loop the loop track which a marble or toy car can run through successfully. Challenge family members to get the marble/toy car to fly off and land in a pot by changing the trajectory.




Visit a theme park/fairground.

List some of the rides – which ones are your favourite and why?

Take some pictures to share it the class.

Plan a trip to a local theme park. Calculate how much it will cost, how long it will take to get there and plan an itinerary for the day.

Design your own theme park – draw a map, think about prices, build it using a range of materials e.g. lego/knex

Make a flipbook to animate a rollercoaster ride that includes a loop the loop

Become a pendulum on the swings at the park. Swing as high as possible and time how long it takes you to slow down and stop. Time friends and family then identify patterns in your results. Do heavier people slow down quicker?

Research and write a biography of Walt Disney. Find the location of Disney theme parks around the world.