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Growth Mindset Open Afternoon

It was a pleasure to welcome so many adults into Year 5!

The school welcomed lots of parents and carers into school on Friday to give them an opportunity to find out a bit more about our new initiative: Growth Mindset. We had a great turnout in Year 5 so thank you to all the adults who spared their afternoon for us!

To start off our afternoon, we first looked at some of the important parts of the brain, and we even got a volunteer (or victim) to be our life-sized model to help visualise where the different parts are.

I think it's clear to see who is enjoying this most at the front!


Test your adults! See if the can point to:

- Frontal lobe

- Parietal Lobe

- Occipital lobe

- Cerebellum

- Medulla

PS...if any child in 5GS proof reads this and spots my mistake; tell me to get a house point!