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Autumn 2 Homework Grid

This term's homework grid. We'd like your homework project by 19th of December, please.

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Off with her head – Homework Grid

Choose some of these activities or explore an area of interest.

Due 19th December

Research: Find out about Anne Boleyn’s family and childhood.

Around a picture of Anne, write all about the things that you have found out.

Art: Paint or draw a portrait of yourself or someone else in your family. Can you add something personal to the portrait to reflect your/their personality?

Historical Research: Find out about your local area in Tudor times. How has it changed?

D  and T: Design a Snakes and Ladders board game with pitfalls and lucky breaks on the way to freedom.

D and T: Make a model of the Tower of London or an instrument of torture, complete with fake bloodstains.

English: Write some ‘knock-knock’ jokes or ‘What do you call a …’ about grizzly Tudor facts.

D and T: The Tudor Rose is a famous emblem of Tudor times.

Can you recreate it?

You could use coloured paper, clay, salt dough, collage, felt or even ICT

Geography/D and T: Create a map of Britain that Henry could have used when travelling around the country. Can you mark York, Lancaster, Portsmouth and London on the map?

Show where Heaver Castle and Hampton Court Palace are. Make your map look really old and authentic

English: Create your own poem about Henry VIII and his six wives. Can you write a verse about each wife?