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Southwell Workhouse

On Wednesday 21st September, we stepped back in time to imagine what life was like for children in Victorian England.

After completing lots of research in our theme lessons, we discovered that life was pretty glum for children in Victorian England, with many living their lives in workhouses and factories. The jobs entailed many dangers and the working conditions were not safe, but sadl that was life.

As a whole, we decided we would not want to be children in the Victorian period.

On Wednesday, we had an educational, yet enjoyable trip out at Southwell workhouse, which brought our learning to life. We took on a character, dressed up and imagined what life would be like for children back in the 1850s.

When we got there, we were separated into boys and girls; in Victorian times, boys and girls did not go to school together!

Next, we were dressed in Victorian clothing and then inspected by the master. In addition, we were able to experience school in Victorian times and see where the children would have lived and what the conditions would have been like.

In the afternoon, we used census information to research different children in detail. We found that many children tried to run away, but could see why they may have!

We had a great day and learnt lots about life in Victorian times. Check out the gallery to see our pictures.

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