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Week 7 Year 6

This blog will show what we get up to in Year 6 throughout the week

In maths we have been checking our maths tests to see what questions we got wrong and our level. For one morning, we did BODMAS which was quite difficult.

In English this week, we have been writing and planning our scary gothic horror stories which the class found rather fun.

In Science, we have been finding facts about electrical circuts and we also did a test on how to make and create eletrical circuits.

In Art and Design, we have been making Christmas cards because it is also time for our Christmas dinner. As well as making christmas cards we have also been making William Morris designs by stamping it on a piece of paper.

In Topic we have been doing Victorian crime and punishment. Did you know you can be transported to Australia on a boat which takes a very long time and it would be very boring plus you can die from diseases from the water you travel on.

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