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In our lessons, we have been looking closely at WW2 and the conditions that people (particularly children) faced during these times.

As part of our work, we watched the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. The film was emotional and brought up a lot of questions about what life was like. Using the film as inspiration, we then wrote our own setting description. There was lots of great writing produced and we were all VERY impressed. Here is one example:

Following this, we looked at the difference between Jewish and German children. Did you know that jewish people were banned from having pets? And could not attend the same schools as German children. Conditions were terrible and we were shocked by some of the stuff we learnt!

In Art, we created our own images of the Blitz using pastels. We drew silouhettes of buildings in cities that were bombed (e.g.London) and used pastels for the fire effect:

Our next task is to write inspirational speeches as officers in WW2, which would have been written to inspire their fellow men to fight with them...for Britain. Keep your eyes peeled for some of our performances later this term...