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Autumn Term Blog

In the first term we have done many enjoyable activities and have been on plenty of school trips already.

At the start of this term, we got invited to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. We went because of the litter pick that we took part in as of 'Keep Britain Tidy', where we won the competition ln year 5. On this trip, which we got invited to, we met Chris Packham and his filming crew. He introduced us to lots of new marine life animals and notified us about a big message which was plastic in our oceans and the effects it can have on us and sea creatures. We experienced a lot of new things like touching a starfish, walking through a sea tunnel and a 4D cinema.

A few weeks later, we attended our residential trip to Whitehall. We stayed over 2 nights at Whitehall and did lots of different activities such as abseiling, zip wire,stream scrambling, ropes course and climbing wall. At the start of the trip, we got put into dorms (bedrooms) and everyone was with their friends even though we didn't choose who we were with. The food was quite good at Whitehall, but the pudding was better!

Overall, the start to year 6 has been incredible and we have had plenty of fun already and we are sure there will be lots more to come.


  • Emily 1 year ago
    I loved absailing down the bridge at Whitehall!
  • Emily 1 year ago
    The sea life centre was amazing,I loved touching the starfish!
  • Aidan H 1 year ago
    Whitehall was a 10/10! Sea life centre was a 7/10.
  • Katy H 1 year ago
    Whitehall was so fun spending time with friends and doing very fun activities.Abseiling was my favourite :) :)
  • Layton 1 year ago
    The sea life centre was fun when we saw the animals get fed and the penguins were cute. The star fish was slimy when we touched it.
  • Kiera 1 year ago
    I think this is a good blog and Whitehall is my highlight of the year but sea life centre was also good I liked touching the starfish and at Whitehall I wasn't scared of anything IT WAS AMAZING Year Six has bin AMAZING
  • Alfie 1 year ago
    Whitehall was great especially the abseiling I recommend going if you get the chance:)
  • Alivia 1 year ago
    You are very right we have been on a lot of trips my favourite was Whitehall because how they learnt you how to be independent and dorms were really fun and I was put with all my friends . Sea life centre was fun too, we got to see penguins and touch starfish and I liked meeting Chris packham he was really honest and made me change my mind about recycling and the affects on plastic on the ocean
  • Imogen w 1 year ago
    I liked white hall and the zip line was amazing . The sea life centre was cool seeing all the jelly fish was amazing.
  • Emily 1 year ago
    Year 6 has been awesome!6️⃣😁😃👍
  • Patryk 1 year ago
    The sea life center was really good especially when touching the starfish and watching the penguins. Also I liked the glass tunnel, seeing the marine life and meeting the man himself (Chris Packham) it was really good. PS the shop was great too!
  • AIDAN H 1 year ago
    I LOVE YEAR 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👌🏻😆👍🏻🤘🏻
  • Lillea 1 year ago
    The sealife centre was great and I would like to go again👍
  • Tia 1 year ago
    I agree Whitehall was very fun and we did a lot of things. Sea life Centre was vey educational and we saw a lot of different kinds of animal like giant African land snails, octopus, cloud fish and much more.
  • Dawid 1 year ago
    At Whitehall it was fabulous because we be play games.
  • Carly 1 year ago
    I loved what we hulll
  • Ruby 1 year ago
    When I went to Whitehall it was the best school trip ever my favourite activity was definitely abseiling !!!!
  • Alexis 1 year ago
    Alexis is typing, I loved Whitehall because I had amazing experience at all types of different things ; at one piont I was at the top of a high pole going to jump of it and try a and catch a stick. (The leap of faith it was called). I think I was near losing my mind at that point. I went on the zip wire,stream scramberling,bungee jumping and real life pardcore. I love it there and I would hounistly go again. When the year fives go into the Whitehall team I’d go with them again.

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