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This blog is about our resilience work and Sportshall Athletics competition.

On Tuesday, a group of Year 5 and 6 went to Rutland Sports Park to compete in an athletics competition.They did very well as they came 4th out of 9 different schools.The difference between 4th and 3rd was only about 6 points! Well Done to them.

This term, our core value is resilience.Linking to resilience, we made dream boards to resemble that. what would your dream be?

  • Emily 11 months ago
    The competition was really fun,can’t believe we won three races! Well done guys!
  • Alfie brown 11 months ago
  • Daniel 11 months ago
    I thought they were very good as well at the athletics competition
  • Aidan 11 months ago
    Mine is to help my family out more. Oh, and well done everyone at the competition.
  • Alivia 11 months ago
    I think that out of ten it would be a nine i like how you mention being resilient and I agree that we did well
  • Eve 11 months ago
    Well done one coming 4th
  • Imogen Whittaker 11 months ago
    It was so fun at Rutland We’ll done everyone who went on coming 4th
  • Maria 11 months ago
    Sounds good
  • Katy-May Hawdon 11 months ago
    Sports hall athletics was very fun and well done to Hallam fields who won :)
  • Lillea drew 11 months ago
    Well done to the sports athletics team
  • Layton 11 months ago
    Resilience help us grow confedent and improves our mindset
  • Denny 11 months ago
    Great job!
  • Alexis 11 months ago
    I went to the sports hall. I loved it, the relay was my favourite. I did the relay, long jump and the fun run. The experience I had was unforgettable.
  • Imogen b 11 months ago
    Great things this week 🙂
  • Jack Richardson 11 months ago
    Good job to hallam fields for winning the sports hall athletics and to our team at Chaucer for placing 4th.

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