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Welcome To Year 6

The new cohort of Year 6's have made a great impression so far...

Below is a quick welcome to let you know about homework and keeping in touch with us and what we are doing in the classroom.


We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to motivate your child to complete their homework, but we would appreciate your support in encouraging them to do it in order to enhance their learning further. We also recognise the work that children put in to their homework and therefore, each Friday, we will set time aside to go through homework with the children and reward those who have completed it all.


  • Spelling – these will be given out each Friday and should be completed by the following week. Spellings should be practiced for the test the following Friday. Attached to this letter you will also find a list of spellings that children are expected to spell by the end of KS2.
  • Grammar – children will be given a piece of grammar homework each week, which will be linked to learning we have been doing in class.
  • Maths – children will be given a piece of homework linked to the objectives they have been working on each week in class.
  • Times tables – children will be set homework on ‘Times Tables Rockstar’ each week. Each child has a login for this and it can be accessed on phones, iPads, tablets and computers.



Children will be able to choose a fiction and a non-fiction book from the school library. This year, sees the return of the reading challenge, which will see children rewarded for regular reading at home. Children should aim for 10-20 minutes, three times a week – to be signed in personal organiser (with comment if time). Where possible, we would encourage children to read aloud and ask them questions about what they have read to ensure their understanding of the text.



Children in Year 6 will have PE on a Wednesday. Please ensure children have their PE kit in school each week. PE kits should include dark bottoms, a white t-shirt and sensible sport shoes.


Staying in touch

Year 6 can be a challenging year but it is also a great one for the children too. However, as they get older, they are not always as forthcoming in the ‘What did you do at school today?’ chat. As a team, we aim to keep in contact with you and regularly try to share what we have been doing in class through both our facebook page ‘ChaucerY6’ and SeeSaw which we will send letters out for soon.


Whitehall 6th – 8th November 2019

For those attending Whitehall this year, please remember to send in the detailed forms (if you haven’t already). Kit lists will also be sent out in a few weeks.