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McVitie's biscuits very kindly sent us some vouchers to spend upon us writing to them to say we had bought some jaffa cakes that were squashed.

We wrote some letters to McVities about the squashed jaffa cakes, and they very kindly wrote back to us and included £6 worth of vouchers. So Miss Oldnall's group organised a walk down to our local Tesco so that we could go and choose, and purchase some of our favourite biscuits. We even managed to take our school mascot Bandit the dog with us too. We had lots of fun choosing from all the biscuits that were on offer, we even managed to get a free piece of fruit each that they were offering.

After we had chosen our favourites that totalled £6 we went to the checkout to pay.

On our way back to school we walked through the park so Bandit could have a good run.

It was a really lovely morning, and we come back with lots of yummy biscuits! :)

For more photos please look in the School Gallery. 

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