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District Sports Dazzlers

Well done to everybody in what was a fantastic team effort.

Chaucer continued its recent run of good results in sports at an exciting District Sports competition (Erewash North Schools) today on the track at Rutland Sports Park.

Competing against Cotmanhay, Scargill, Mapperley, Kensington, Ladywood and Stanley Common, 25 children from Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 raced in a series of traditional Sports Day type events, including sprints, obstacle courses, skipping, beanbag pick-up, egg & spoon and relays.

Consistency was key. In fact, every single Chaucer representative made it through the qualification rounds to earn a place in their respective finals! In those finals, the vast majority resulted in top-3 finishes!

The regular high-placings meant that Chaucer Juniors were victorious on this occasion! Well done to everybody in what was a fantastic team effort.

Special mentions must go to Robson Hazard, who battled on through a leg injury, finishing 2nd in his sprint before collapsing over the line, and Evie Bloor for her "Random Act of Kindness". Despite winning the Y5 Sprint try-outs, Evie believed that to be a fluke result and claimed that Emily Pickering is actually running faster than her at the moment. Consequently, Evie volunteered to sit out the 70m sprint to let Emily run instead to give the team a better chance of success! Evie's decision proved to be a wise one as Emily went on to win the event in style!

Thanks also to all the parents that came to cheer the team on to victory.

Event Finals Results

Y3 Sprint - Archie Smith 2nd & Lucy Mae Stevenson 1st

Y3 Egg & Spoon - George Levers 3rd & Amaris Ngan 2nd

Y4 Sprint - Morgan Wilson 2nd & Charlotte Nuttall 3rd

Y4 Beanbag Pickup - Denver Toplis 2nd & Bethanie Glenn 3rd

Y5 Sprint - Liam Flitter 3rd & Emily Pickering 1st

Y5 Skipping - Sam Parkes 2nd & Emma East 5th

Y5 Boys' Relay - Sam Parkes, Ethan Lowe, Finn Elliot Hufton & Liam Flitter 1st

Y5 Girls' Relay - Evie Bloor, Katelyn Hanson, Macie Lees Vince & Emily Pickering 1st

Y6 Sprint - Robson Hazard 2nd & Abbey Ord 2nd

Y6 Obstacle Race - Oliver Wheeldon 1st & Alysia Briggs 3rd

Y6 Boys' Relay - Robson Hazard, Will Lowe, Spencer Mottram & Oliver Wheeldon 2nd

Y6 Girls' Relay - Alysia Briggs, Brooke Towle, Lauren Heeps & Abbey Ord 1st

[** All individual race results are unconfirmed. **]

Team Placings

1st Chaucer

2nd Scargill

3rd Ladywood

4th Kensington

5th Mapperley

6th Stanley Common

7th Cotmanhay

For more photos please click here.

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