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2014 Leavers

It's that time of year again

It's that time of year again... Farewell and good luck to all the Year 6 Leavers (and Miss Evans, Levi Whitehead, Kailea Pattison & Gemma Soal).

To everyone else, have a fun but safe Summer and we'll look forward to seeing you again in September!

For more photos of the Leavers' Assembly, Disco and Guard of Honour, please click here.

Y3 Chaucer Champions of the Year - Amelia Faulks & Isabelle Haslam

Y4 Chaucer Champions of the Year - Emily Hopkins, Alex Pike & Ewan Buda

Y5 Chaucer Champion of the Year - Oliver Burrows & Isabella O'Connor

Y6 Chaucer Champions of the Year - Alysia Briggs, Oliver Wheeldon, Chloe Foster, Emily Stuart & Spencer Mottram

Rachel Savage Award for Outstanding Contribution to the School - Evie Farmer

Chaucer 2014 Poem
Have you heard the story of Chaucer school?
It's got the odd clown and the odd fool.
Please do not think we're having a laugh,
We don't mean the kids, just look at the staff.

For some it's a nightmare, for others it's a dream,
But staff at Chaucer make a very great team.

There's Mrs.Upton, she's a very good sort,
She's very athletic and quite good at sport.

When she's not there you'll meet Miss Jane Mee,
She's No.2 and a good deputy.

Take Mrs.Smith she is THE Camping Queen,
When conducting her choir, she has to be seen.

Now Mr. Higgins, say what you like,
He's a bit wobbly when riding his bike.

After school cooking, Mrs. Briggs does it lots,
Then poor Mr. Wheatley gets all the pots.

The Queen of the baking is Mrs. Brandrick,
If you want her cakes then you'd better be quick.

Mrs. Trueman and Miss Evans are both very smart,
They know how to paint and do great works of art.

Then there's Miss Stallard with dark curly hair,
She can be quite strict, but she's always so fair.

The return of Miss Oldnall, all bouncy with vigour,
She's just had a baby and got back her figure.

Now Miss Smith when she was four,
Wrote Peter Andre to tell him the score,
She'd wear a white dress and a very big smile,
If he would be good and walk her down the aisle,
We think it's sad, he's not very nice,
For he went and married that Katie Price.

Then there's Mrs. Watson, a real classy lady,
She will leave soon to have her little baby.

Take Mrs. Wolverson her name is Michelle,
She has a hard job teaching kids how to spell.

Year three children they all have fun,
In any class with Miss Middleton.

In the school office, hard work it is done,
By Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Wheeldon.

Out in the garden it's all bloom and bud,
And there's Mrs.Wheatley all covered in mud,
There's plenty of soil the kids have all spilt,
But they are not bothered, they've won silver gilt.

Now Gary and Graham are nobody's fools,
So long as all teams just follow the rules.

For all those we've missed or those not had a mention,
We hope we don't get our last detention.

All things considered and joking apart,
Now is the time for us to depart.
So thank you dear Chaucer, this year is our last,
We've all enjoyed it, it's been a blast!

- From Mr Wheatley and all in Year 6.

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