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I Messages

An amazing competition for everyone

The Friendship Team are launching an amazing competiton for everyone to take part in.

In class during Safety Week, children will be learning about "I Messages", which are a way of dealing with frienship difficulties in an assertive but polite manner. They always start with "I"... E.g. "I don't like it when........" or "I feel sad when......"

Children will have the exciting opportunity to design a poster about "I Messages". Class teachers will select the best 5 posters to hand on to the Friendship Team, who along with Mrs Upton will pick a winner from each class.

The winning posters will be displayed in school and there will be small prizes for the winners.

The Friendship Team will have new red hoodies with #Imessage on the sleeve, which they will wear on the playground to help remind children to use "I Messages".

Also, launched this week is the Listening Ear - this gives children the opportunity for children to put messages into a Listening Ear box when they want their concerns listened to.

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