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Bake Off!

Wednesday 25th March

Following the success of our first Bake Off last year we will be holding another...

Chaucer Junior Great Bake Off!

So look out your aprons and recipes as this is another chance for any young baker in the school to show off their baking skills by entering the competition.

This year our Bake Off will replace our decorated egg competition. We were so impressed with the creativity of the cakes entered last year and thought that Easter might help inspire some of this year’s creations.

It will be held on Wednesday 25th March,

The challenge is to bake and decorate 4 cupcakes.

Your cakes can be decorated in any way you like using ingredients of your choice, so reach for the stars and let your creative skills run wild! We are also introducing a new category this year, the Showstopper category. This category is for those of you who really want to impress our judges by daring to be different and making a cake that really stands out in some way!

Please bring your cakes straight into the hall on the Wednesday morning. Each entry will be awarded 5 house points.  The cakes need to be in a tin labelled with your name and class, you will also need to provide a plate on which to display the cakes, again this must be named.

We are very lucky to have three judges this year, they are the Deputy Mayor, Sarah Martin and Zoe Higgins. Sarah is from Creative Occasions in Ilkeston. She makes and decorates cakes for all occasions and is looking forward to meeting future cake decorators and her future competition. Sarah has a website for Creative Occasions if anyone would like further information. Zoe is part of A-Z Cakes and also makes and decorates novelty cakes.  Ilkeston Advertiser will also be invited to look at all your entries!  There are some fantastic prizes to be won.

Staff will be taking part in the Bake Off , their challenge is to find out who can make the best Chocolate Fudge Cake!

There will be a cake sale in the hall at the end of school on Wednesday 25th March to sell the entries from the Bake Off,  all the proceeds will go to School funds to extend the trim trail.  Please come along to the sale it will be a good opportunity to buy some delicious cakes and also to view all the entries and winners.

IMPORTANT! Please do NOT use any nuts or ingredients containing nuts in your cakes in case of allergies.

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