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Bake Off Results!

Well done everybody!!! Chaucer's second Bake Off has been another resounding success!!

Well done everybody!!! Chaucer's second Bake Off has been another resounding success!! The quality of the entries was amazing and we were so impressed with the amount of time and work that all the children must have put into making their cupcakes!
All in all there was an impressive 74 entries from the children and a further 18 from staff. The four judges were Jordan Cox (a 2014 British Bake Off contestant), Val Custance (the Deputy Mayor), Sarah Martin (owner of Creative Occasions, Ilkeston) and Zoe Higgins (A-Z Cakes and Mr Higgins' wife!). Their task of picking three winners was a very difficult one and they spent a lot of time deliberating over (and eating!) the cakes.  
They decided to begin with the staff cakes as they were keen to begin sampling the chocolate fudge cakes. After testing all eighteen of the cakes they were very full but had come to a decision. In third place was Miss James,  second place was Mrs Briggs and in joint first were Miss Smith and Mrs Trueman. The judges liked the chocolate flavour of Mrs Trueman's and thought that Miss Smith's was a perfect example of a classic fudge cake. Miss Smith has definitely proved her baking skills as she was also a winner last year!!!
The judges then moved on to the  most difficult task of judging the children's cakes. The Deputy Mayor kept saying how amazed she was at how good all the entries were and wanted to give everyone a prize!  We had two awards for the Showstopper category, second was Sarah Parkes ,the judges said her cake looked very sunny and bright and looked tasty too  because of the jam and cream inside it. Louise Richards came first with her Easter bonnet cake, the judges thought the cake showed a lot of imagination and had great detail.
The cup cakes proved very difficult to pick just three winners from and the judges spent a long time looking carefully at all the entries. Eventually they decided on Olivia Towle in third place, they loved her imaginative entry and thought it looked very appetising!!! Second place was Joe Charlton, the judges loved his clever idea of making his cakes look like boiled eggs!! First place was Lacie Driver, the judges were impressed with the amount of effort that had gone into making her cakes, especially all the painted chick's faces!!
Mrs Edwards donated four extra prizes  which the judges chose to give to a further four entries that had particularly impressed them with the amount of hard work and effort. These children were Robyn Gee, Emily Magee, Lola Allen and Katie Blow.
Class 4OS were the class who produced the most entries.  They earned themselves a Question and Answer session with Jordan Cox who shared some inside information about the Great British Bake Off, including how formidable Mary Berry really is!!!
We hope all the children and staff enjoyed baking and decorating their cakes and would like to thank all those who entered. Thanks must also go to Sarah Martin for donating some fantastic prizes and to Michelle Edwards for her donation too. Thanks to Mrs Wheatley for being our photographer!!
We are already thinking of ideas for next year's Bake Off!!!
For more photos please click here. For the 4OS blog about their Question and Answer session with Jordan Cox, please click here.


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