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Sportshall Superstars!

Chaucer Junior School's athletics teams had a fantastic time on a busy, raucous, adrenalin-fuelled day at Rutland Sports Park

Chaucer Junior School's athletics teams had a fantastic time on a busy, raucous, adrenalin-fuelled day at Rutland Sports Park in the Erewash School Sports Partnership's 2016 Sportshall competitions last Tuesday.

Chaucer's Y3/4 team competed in the morning against 11 other schools. The 14 boys and 13 girls in the squad produced a display of astonishing consistency, winning eight of the 24 races / field events and finishing 2nd in eleven more! In fact, Chaucer were outside the top 4 schools in only one single event.

The results combined to give Chaucer an emphatic overall victory in the competition, scoring 714 points from a maximum possible score of 768, meaning the school retained the Y3/4 Erewash Sportshall title it won in 2015.

  1. Chaucer Juniors (714pts out of 768 [93%])
  2. Hallam Fields (654)
  3. Firfield (622)
  4. Ladywood (540)
  5. Scargill (538)
  6. St Thomas (512)
  7. Shardlow (492)
  8. Cotmanhay (446)
  9. Kensington (430)
  10. Granby (416)
  11. Sawley (388)
  12. Ashbrook (354)

In the afternoon, Chaucer's Y5/6 team took to the stage, aiming to repeat the Sportshall successes of 2014 and 2015.

Up against 8 local schools, Chaucer made an outstanding start, winning both of the opening obstacle races, which gave the troops the momentum to win half of the 24 events outright!Chaucer picked up another five 2nd places and five more 3rd place finishes. The team was only outside the top 3 in two events.

This consistently high standard of performance on the track and in the field enabled the school to accumulate 530 points from a maximum of 576, meaning that Chaucer became Erewash's Y5/6 Sportshall Champions for the third year in a row. The team will next compete at the Derbyshire County Finals in March.

  1. Chaucer Juniors (530pts out of 576 [92%])
  2. St Thomas (448)
  3. Firfield / Scargill (442)
  4. N/A
  5. Hallam Fields (406)
  6. Ladywood (368)
  7. Granby (330)
  8. Kensington (268)
  9. Ashbrook (228)

Congratulations to Mapperley, who won the Small Schools tournament.

Many thanks to Mrs Hayes, Mrs Shaw and Mrs Proctor for their help with the team. Also thanks to Mrs Wheatley for her photos and to the parents that have supported the teams. Lastly, thanks to Rhian Lilley and Victoria Brierley of Erewash School Sports Partnership for organising what is always a fun but hectic day of sport!

~ Mr Woodcock

For more photos please click here and here.

Chaucer's Y3/4 Results

  • Girls Obstacle Relay (Chloe K, Sophie S, Ruby S, Carmen J) = 4th
  • Girls 1+1 Relay (Alexis H, Emily M) = 3rd
  • Girls 2+2 Relay (Carmen J, Alexis H) = 1st
  • Girls 1+1 Hurdles Relay (Emily M, Ruby S) = 2nd
  • Girls Over/Under Obstacle Relay (Chloe K, Sophie S, Rosie G, Jessica S) = 2nd
  • Girls 4x1 Relay (Sofia L, Rylea B, Rosie G, Danica N) = 4th
  • Girls Chest Push (Jessica S, Emily M, Rylea B) = 2nd
  • Girls Speed Bounce (Carmen J, Chloe K, Lola A) = 1st
  • Girls Long Jump (Chloe K, Carmen J, Ruby S) = 2nd
  • Girls Five Strides (Rylea B, Danica N, Emily M) = 1st
  • Girls Vertical Jump (Lola A, Ruby S, Sofia L) = 2nd
  • Girls Javelin (Chelsea V, Jessica S, Sofia L) = 1st
  • Boys Obstacle Relay (McKenzie MW, Jack L, Jasper T, Harrison H) = 1st
  • Boys 1+1 Relay (Alfie G, Taylor T) = 2nd
  • Boys 2+2 Relay (Harrison H, Alfie G) = 2nd
  • Boys 1+1 Hurdles Relay (Mace O, Shaun F) = 6th
  • Boys Over/Under Obstacle Relay (Taylor T, Noah S, Cole D, McKenzie MW) = 2nd
  • Boys 4x1 Relay (Mace O, Noah S, Shaun F, Daniel W) = 4th
  • Boys Chest Push (Mace O, Daniel W, Louie B) = 1st
  • Boys Speed Bounce (Jasper T, Logan OC, Harrison H) = 1st
  • Boys Long Jump (Cole D, Harrison H, Noah S) = 2nd
  • Boys Five Strides (Jack L, Logan OC, Cole D) = 2nd
  • Boys Vertical Jump (Noah S, Shaun F, Max B) = 1st
  • Boys Javelin (Mace O, Daniel W, Max B) = 2nd

Chaucer's Y5/6 Results

  • Girls Obstacle Relay (Lucy MS, Bethany F, Bethanie G, Levi W) = 1st
  • Girls 1+1 Relay (Lucy MS, Danae M) = 2nd
  • Girls 2+2 Relay (Charlotte N, Levi W) = 3rd
  • Girls 6 Lap Paarlauf Relay (Danae M, Charlotte N) = 1st
  • Girls Over/Under Obstacle Relay (Bethany F, Bethanie G, Aaliyah R, Chloe P) = 3rd
  • Girls 4x1 Relay (Isabelle H, Chloe P, Sidonie W, Aaliyah R, ) = 5th
  • Girls Chest Push (Madison W, Aaliyah P, Danae M) = 1st
  • Girls Speed Bounce (Bethany F, Aaliyah R, Lucy MS) = 2nd
  • Girls Long Jump (Amelia F, Charlotte N, Levi W) = 3rd
  • Girls Triple Jump (Lucy MS, Levi W, Amelia F) = 1st
  • Girls Vertical Jump (Aaliyah P, Charlotte N, Kiera B) = 1st
  • Girls Javelin (Madison W, Bethany F, Bethanie G) = 2nd
  • Boys Obstacle Relay (Morgan W, Ashton A, Leo H, Joel S) =1st
  • Boys 1+1 Relay (Harry D, George L) = 3rd
  • Boys 2+2 Relay (Archie S, Joel S) = 1st
  • Boys 6 Lap Paarlauf Relay (Declan M, Archie S) = 2nd
  • Boys Over/Under Obstacle Relay (Morgan W, Shaun V, Leo H, Harry D) = 1st
  • Boys 4x1 Relay (Joshua B, George L, Shaun V, Cai M) = 5th
  • Boys Chest Push (Declan M, Ethlan V, Matej Z) =1st
  • Boys Speed Bounce (Joel S, Morgan W, Harry D) = 1st
  • Boys Long Jump (Cai M, Shaun V, Lewis B) = 2nd
  • Boys Triple Jump (Ashton A, Joel S, Cai M) = 1st
  • Boys Vertical Jump (Lewis B, Benjamin B, Ashton A) = 1st
  • Boys Javelin (Ethlan V, Benjamin B, Matej Z) = 3rd

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