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Cheerio, Old Chaucerians!

It's that emotional time of year again when children, parents and staff alike have to have tissues at the ready!

It's that emotional time of year again when children, parents and staff alike have to have tissues at the ready!

Chaucer Junior School bade farewell to another fine crop of Year 6s today and although we will miss them dearly, everyone at the school is exceptionally proud to have played a part in their journey towards being successful young adults.

The day began with an achievement assembly, in which the children and gathered parent-helpers enjoyed a selection of slideshows, anecdotes and poetry that celebrated the times that the Year 6s shared at Chaucer. To add to the entertainment, Mrs Smith's choir performed a couple of favourite songs with their usual aplomb and end of year accolades (and plenty of chocolates) were awarded!

The Rachel Savage Award for an outstanding contribution to the school) went to William White (6O/S).

The Pupils of the Year were Aaliyah Proctor (3M), Lydia Bedford (3S), Tyler Place (4E), Ellie White (4T), Chloe Foster (5B), Rhys Bexton (5S), Emily Moss (6H) and Luis Edwards (6O/S).

The school also said goodbye to Miss Oldnall, who will be taking a break as she goes on maternity leave, although, as we know it is unlikely she will spend too much time with her feet up until forced to by the midwife!

At break, Year 6 discarded their limited-edition hoodies and warmed up their dance moves for their leavers' disco by surprising everyone with a flash mob performance of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

In the afternoon, while other classes watched movies, the departing Y6 put on their glad rags (or pyjamas!) for a spot of disco dancing. They also took the opportunity to dance the conga around the outside of the school.

The final act on this bittersweet day was for the rest of the school to give the leavers a guard of honour on their way out through the gates for the final time.

Have a great summer holiday everyone!

For more photos of the assembly please click here, for the disco click here and for other assorted photos from the day click here.

p.s. I couldn't finish this blog without mentioning one last random act of kindness, as Vivia Barker risked ruining her freshly-signed shirt and getting very very wet when she climbed around the bug hotel, squeezed between branches and delved deep into the undergrowth behind the school garden to search for a classmates' lost camera. Thankfully her intrepid attitude and sharp eyes brought a happy ending to Joseph's impromptu treasure hunt! She won't get a leaf from the kindness tree but she did get covered in some real ones!

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