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Sportshall Athletics

Chaucer's athletic stars had a busy but very enjoyable and thoroughly engrossing day at Rutland Sports Park

Chaucer's athletic stars had a busy but very enjoyable and thoroughly engrossing day at Rutland Sports Park, where they faced off against 7 other schools from within Erewash including Dallimore, St Thomas, Granby, Kensington, Ladywood and Scargill.

After a week of highly competitive try-outs, we were able to select 23 children to compete in the Year 3 & 4 event and 24 Upper School children to participate in the Year 5 & 6 equivalent.

Lower school got the first chance to make its mark in the exciting indoor athletics activities adapted by Eveque Sportshall.  The team produced consistently high placed finishes in all the running relay races. In fact, Chaucer finished in the top 3 in 8 out of the 12 races!** Highlights include;

- winning the girls 4 x 1 Lap Hurdle relay and coming 2nd in the boys'
- 1st place in the girls' 1 + 1 Lap relay
- 2nd place finishes in both the girls' and boys' Obstacle relays
- 2nd in the girls' 2 + 2 Lap relay

The performances in the track were backed up by some great efforts in the field events (Javelin, Chest Push, Long Jump, 5 Strides, Vertical Jump and Speed Bounce). Consequently, the team (Joel Searcy, Denver Toplis, Jack Mercer, Ashton Anderson, Cai Murden, Morgan Wilson, Ryan Grindle, Lewis Golisti, George Levers, Lewis Brown, Jonathan Brain, Ruby Bray, Charlotte Nuttall, Katie Mill, Bethanie Glenn, Kara Roberts, Kiera Broderick, Jersey Oldershaw, Levi Whitehead, Danae Matthew, Jessica Stanfield, Sarah Medjamia and Aaliyah Proctor) was able to earn 2nd place overall in the competition behind Mapperley CofE.

With Year 3 & 4 having laid down such a marker, the Year 5 and 6 children knew they had to produce an equally impressive performance in order to avoid listening to their younger schoolmates boasting!

They didn't disappoint.

The team of Abbie Ord, Harley Vest, Emily Pickering, Lauren Heeps, Alysia Briggs, Amber Glenn, Emma East, Evie Farmer, Evie Bloor, Emily Stuart, Grace Freeman, O'Mera Robinson, Robson Hazard, Oliver Wheeldon, Spencer Mottram, Finn Elliott-Hufton, James Wheatley, Jake Stevenson, Tyler Place, Samuel Parkes, Will Lowe, George Brain, Harry Hicken and Michael Stuart (who stepped in on very late notice) was every bit as consistent as their younger counterparts. Indeed, Chaucer finished in the first 4 in every single one of the 12 races!** Highlights include;

- winning the boys' 2+2 Lap relay
- Oliver & Spencer recovering from a botched baton exchange of Team GB proportions to get 3rd in the boys' 6 Lap Paarlauf
- 2nd place in the girls' and boys' Obstacle Relay
- 2nd place in the girls' Over Under Relay

Those results, combined with more excellent performances in the jumping and throwing events, were more than enough to ensure a high overall placing. Unfortunately, Chaucer had to settle for another 2nd place finish overall but this result means that the school has qualified for the Erewash Finals later this month. The final standings were;

1st - St Thomas (advances to Erewash finals)
2nd - Chaucer (advances to Erewash finals)
3rd - Granby (advances to Erewash finals)
4th - Scargill
5th - Mapperley
6th - Ladywood
7th - Kensington
8th - Dallimore

Alot of fun was had by all participants and both Chaucer teams competed with great sprit. Well done to all involved. Your parents and class teachers should be very proud of you all.

Thanks go to Mrs Wheatley, Mrs Hayes and Miss James for all their help.

For more photos please click here.

~ Mr Woodcock

** All results are unofficial and do not take into account any time penalties that may have altered the original result.

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