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About Us

Welcome to Chaucer Junior School's Website!

We are very proud of our school website and hope to use it in the following ways:

  1. A place to post children's work to provide them with an audience and a purpose for it. We would encourage parents, visitors as well as children to make positive comments about the work in the comments section provided below each post.
  2. Allow parents to feel more involved in their children's learning. As a parent I know it is often difficult to get children to tell you what they have been doing at school. The website will allow you to look at your child's class blog and share with them what they have been doing at school.  
  3. We would like the site to be a key place for Parents and Visitors to find important information. News, letters, parents information, useful links and forms will be posted  on the site. Please visit us regularly for all the up to date news!
  4. A place to keep the whole community up to date with all the amazing things that are happening in our wonderful school. This is a perfect forum for us to share all the things that make our school such a special place to be with you. Please get involved and enjoy the site!

If you have any suggestions for the site or have something you would find useful or would like to see included please get in touch.

In the meantime, enjoy the website but remember no web site, however high tech, however colourful and animated, can replace a visit to soak up the atmosphere. If you are a prospective parent, do contact us to make an appointment to see the school in action. Also, you can view letters and notices for parents in the Letters & Notices area of the website.

Request for copies - If you require a paper copy of any item shown on our web site, please feel free to call into school to request this.