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School Policies

The school has many policies.

We have included some of these below, as we think they are relevant to parents and members of the community.

  1. Acceptable Use of Internet & Electronic Communication 2015PDF File

  2. Accessibility plan 2014-17DOC File

  3. Administration of Medicines 2013.08 V02PDF File

  4. Adverse Weather PolicyPDF File

  5. Anti-Bullying Appendix 1 - Form 1 Initial InvestigationPDF File

  6. Anti-Bullying Appendix 1 - Form 1a Initial InvestigationPDF File

  7. Anti-Bullying Appendix 1 - Form 1b Restorative QuestionsPDF File

  8. Anti-Bullying Appendix 1 - Form 2 Confirmed reportPDF File

  9. Anti-Bullying Appendix 1 - Form 2a Confirmed ReportPDF File

  10. Anti-Bullying Appendix 1 - Form 4 Incident formPDF File

  11. Anti-Bullying Appendix 1 - Forms 3a & 3b Support ProvidedPDF File

  12. Anti-Bullying Policy Nov 2016PDF File

  13. Assessing Without Levels 2015PDF File

  14. Assessment Policy April 2016PDF File

  15. Attendance and Punctuality policy 2019PDF File

  16. Charging_and Remissions Policy Sept 2019PDF File

  17. Chaucer Junior School Lockdown Policy 2018PDF File

  18. Chaucer Junior School Code of conduct for volunteers and work experience Sept2019PDF File

  19. Chaucer Junior School Code of conduct for Staff and Governors Sept2019PDF File

  20. Chaucer Junior School Code of conduct for Staff and Governors Sept2019 - SIGNING SHEETPDF File

  21. Chaucer Junior School Equality Policy Jan 2019PDF File

  22. Chaucer volunteer policy review September 2019PDF File

  23. Child Protection Policy updated Sept 2019PDF File

  24. Children Missing Education Policy 2019PDF File

  25. Code of Conduct signing sheet 2018-19DOCX File

  26. Complaints Procedure -Advice Guidance Sept 2018PDF File

  27. Complaints September 2018PDF File

  28. Complaints procedure - 2018PDF File

  29. Completeing Reports for External Agencies Nov 2018PDF File

  30. Compliments and Complaints Policy October 2018PDF File

  31. Confidential reporting code 2018PDF File

  32. DFE governance_handbook_2019 (1)PDF File

  33. Data Breach Notification Form Chaucer Junior SchoolPDF File

  34. Data Protection Policy 2018 Chaucer Junior SCHOOLPDF File

  35. Disciplinary Procedure 2015DOC File

  36. Equality Statement 2019PDF File

  37. Facebook & Twitter Policy - 2018PDF File

  38. Financial Procedures and Regulation 2016 FINALPDF File

  39. First Aid 2018PDF File

  40. Forest School Policy - April 2015PDF File

  41. Governors Handbook update Sept 2019PDF File

  42. Health_and_Safety_policy 2018PDF File

  43. Home visit risk assessment Sept 2019PDF File

  44. KCFIE Part 1 (Information for Schools & Colleges (Sept 16)PDF File

  45. KCSIE Table of Changes (May 2016)PDF File

  46. Keeping_Children_Safe_in_Education_Sept_2018PDF File

  47. Lone Working Policy chaucer updated sept 2019PDF File

  48. Managing Allegations July 2017PDF File

  49. My Attendance and punctuality agreement 2019PDF File

  50. New Pupil Privacy Notice - GDPR compliant - May 2018PDF File

  51. Online-Safety-Policy-Chaucer Junior School - 2018PDF File

  52. Our Early help offer October 1st 2019PDF File

  53. Portfolio Contents Safeguarding - version 5 (Sept 2016)PDF File

  54. Report to governors May 2019DOCX File

  55. Report to governors May 2019DOCX File

  56. SEND Policy Sept 2019 2 (2)PDF File

  57. SIP 2019-20 FINALPDF File

  58. School Retention Guidelines 2016( CHECKED feb 2018)PDF File

  59. Subject Access Request (SARs) Form 040418PDF File

  60. Uniform Policy 2017PDF File

  61. Voluntary funds manual - 2018PDF File

  62. Volunteer Policy Sept 2019PDF File

  63. Workforce privacy notice - May 2018PDF File

  64. computer_disaster_recovery_and_security_plan 2018PDF File

  65. critical-incident-plan-Chaucer Junior WEB COPY September 2018 2019.docPDF File

  66. leaflet for SEN 2019PDF File

  67. safeguarding-children-in-education-s-175-audit-form-may-2018-2019 CHAUCER FINALPDF File

  68. single cental record update 2017 finalPDF File

  69. Report to governors Oct 2019DOCX File

  70. Recording of school meetingsPDF File

  71. Report to governors Jan 2020DOCX File

  72. SAR delay coronavirus letterPDF File